Friday, February 1, 2008

Solo at glance

Here are some pictures, taken while I was in Solo

Welcome to Solo
This is one of the entrance gate to the City

Ballons Seller
Taken around Manahan Stadiom, Sunday morning. The seller with his bike and ballons sting attached, waiting for children to passed his bike and begging their parents for Rp.2.000,- ballon each (about AUD 25cent)

Soto Gobyos
Another picture taken while I was wandering around Manahan Stadium with dokar.
Gobyos mean -damn- sweaty!
Soto is kind of Indonesia soup, with chicken or beef stock based. Vermiceli, sliced cabbage, bean sprout, and sliced or chicken or beef will complete this dish. Eat with rice -or some soto do rice cakes a.k.a lontong-. Soto in Solo style is kind of clear soup, which Jakarta stlye adding coconut milk onto the beef-stock based.
(I bet the soup is very hot, once you've finished, you can't resist the sweat!)

Traffic Light

What is so interesting in traffic light? For me, it very unusual to see there is a box next to the light that flickering seconds, shows how long will be the light lasted. I never seen in Sydney.

If you think about speeding, think twice when the box show green number -let say number 5, means green light will be last only five seconds-. You better forget it.

That is clever!

Becak crossed the busy road

This photo was taken around Manahan Stadium too, when we got shocked of this becak, all of sudden crossing our way, inches from our Dokar!

This becak drivers must've guts to do this!

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