Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blow your's (almost) new year!

When new year eve just around the corner, I have nothing in my mind about how to spend the New Year eve this time but family. But I don’t want to miss one thing: Terompet –as we called- or Trumpet as you might call it.

This year –sorry, I mean 2007- I saw something different in trumpet design: dragons, fish or big saxophone style. We only saw normal-regular style of it in Sydney. One morning when we out for breakfast, and saw the street vendor, I decided to bought some for all nieces and one dragon for Rama –his name is Nagaparama; Naga meaning dragon in Indonesia-.

My sister in law is very good at bargaining price, she prove it one more when she tried to bargain for 5 trumpets. The seller – a young man- was bit nervous when four of us flocked around him and my sister kept asking cheaper price. I used to very good at it too, I don’t know now, just part of me feeling pity for this young man for not be able to say one word when my sister bombarded him with her offered price.

At the end, we got 5 trumpets as we want, and this young man (I should ask his name) gave me a bonus: he posed in front my handy pocket camera, and I’m freely to take picture of him, with his trumpets, as you can see.

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