Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Name,Your Name

When I opened my inbox, which floated with thousand e-mails, I can’t believe my eyes. I saw my name on one of the e-mails on group I joined. Strange? Yes!

I always do scan and skipped, quick reading, when I opened my inbox during the day. Just checking if something important I have to follow up. And spend about 30 minutes every night to re-check & delete it (which I found quite addictive, checking e-mails before bed). And I saw this name: Ayu Permatasari. First time, I was confused, I ‘m very sure I didn’t post that message. Secondly, my own thought shocked me because I do have an account in free base mail with that name when I registered, and always appears as exactly as above, so, someone must’ve hijacked my account and using it to send an e-mail.

So, I opened it curiously. I can’t tell you, how my heart was beating so fast. And whoa. That wasn’t me who send that message. It is someone else who share same name with me!

I encounter some people who share birthday with me, or last name. But never before I found someone with same name as me. With the speed as thunderstorm stroke the earth, I reply it. I introduce myself to her, and exchange some stories.

Lately, we’ve been in constant conversation (Read: constant e-mail) and I found she works in travel business. She happens to help me to get airline ticket, back in Indonesia. Just in time when I really need help to get some tickets, and don’t know where to go. Perfect isn’t it?

And with the fact we share same name, I felt that we bonding quickly (I hope she felt the same…). She also told me that she met some girls with same last name as us in this mailing-list group (please note, Indonesian doesn’t have surname).So, should we fond a club? Permatasari Club, maybe?

(Believe or not, my boss, Rhonda married to Billy Swine. One day we had a new client came in, her name is Rhonda too, and she is married to Mark Swiney. So, they both share same name and same surname from their husband. I guess they might share the same birth year as well, these two Rhonda Swiney…)

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