Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Virtual Assistant

Less than 7 days left until next week, and we will travel to Indonesia. I tried to organize everything before next friday. Since the runaway paper accident ( I assumed you've read my previous post) weeks ago, I'm careful now. Do not want to be happen again. So, all paperworks been done, all good, my luggage is half done -which is I appreciate myself for juggling and picking the perfect outfit to bring- and now I just have to deal with bit and pieces all over the house.
Things that I thought was bit and pieces, actually turn into big monster and eventually change became giant spider-web, left me strangle inside it with never ending tasks.
Let say, this simple thing: download my memory cards into my PC. I know I should do it regularly. I did, sometimes. But in the last two week, I've been constantly partying, not because I'm party-freak, simply I have to. Workplace Christmas Party (which is more like normal dinner); Farewell Party for my colleague; Graduation Party on my son PS. Another Christmas Party at my son PS. End of the year party with colleagues from HeadOffice, just to name a few. With so many party I attended, I got so many photos too. When I open my pictures folder, Oh My Oh My.....there are hundreds photo, uncategorized, because I was rushing to use the memorycard so I just downloaded it without creating new folder.
I tried to downloaded all my four memory cards with closed eyes, because I hate to see all the mess (this is why my girlfriend call me an obssesive compulsive disorded, which I strongly denied. I don't feel that bad...)
While I was doing all this process, I remembered one article on Sydney Morning Herald few weeks ago. Written by British contributor, he wrote about Virtual Assistant, that simply his life. Rather than shopping around for the best car insurance, he paid quite small amount of money to his VA to do that job for him (don't ever think about underpaid worker. We talking about global village, where you earn in Pondsterling or Euros and spend it in USD or Rupee - where his VA came from. Saving money and time, right?). He said, the result was amazing, and later on he decided to to outsourcing another task to this VA, compiling hsi family photo. Even his VA read his children bed-time story through phone-line (of course, he put the speaker on) so he was free to do other things.
(Can you imagine your kids listening their bed-time story read by an Indian or Russian girl, over the phone from the other side of the world? I don't like this idea though...)
But the idea of VA just snapped me. This is what I should do. Rather than spend hours in front of the screen and try to organize all photos, I better pay VA and spend my time playing with my daughter. Or cooking or writing some stories (like what I am doing now!)
I wonder if I could find VA, oh no, another NVA -Non-Virtual Assistant- that could help me with other task: do the dishes & laundry, vacuuming my lounge, or ironing my bed sheet. Might helps me a lot on this busy time, for sure.
(My husband laughing at me when I told him about NVA, here, in Sydney. "Having a maid, you mean? We couldn't afford it, dear," he said. "I'm so sorry...But you will find it, and you can have as many as you want, once we back to Indonesia......"
Ooohhhhh....I need it now, not later....*sighs* )

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