Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Little Miss Noisy

My husband had to fly to Indonesia for one week. The previous experience –when he had something to do in Indonesia for one week on last August- proved that we’re doing just fine. Everything was under control. That is why I am so confident that I will be able to take care of these two little children. We’ll survive, that’s what I’m saying to him, when we all marched to the Airport to say goodbye.

It was last Friday. We did fine. Went home from Airport. And the fact that I got extra hand from my girlfriend that day, everything running smoothly.

The first and second day without him, was also fine. Thanks –again- to my girlfriend who spared me some room with her taking care of my son while we’re out to shopping. And my son was into her. He asked her to stay and spend the weekend with us (which I know it’s too much for her. After 2 days of shopping with children –especially not their own children- everybody wants a break.

Third day was yesterday. Monday. Busy morning as usual, but I magically managed everything. My son was ready by 9 before his friend and his friend’s mum came to pick him up and drop them to school. My daughter was happy, and tired after played whole morning with her brother. It left me with half an hour -not enough though to have a real break- but I’m okay with that.

Fourth day, here comes the morning chaos. I did not expect this to be happening. Since I don’t feel sleeping in my own bed by myself, I asked my son to move to my bedroom. So, three of us together in my bedroom, with my daughter slept in her cot. If I was sensitive, the sign of early chaos I’ve should notice last night. My daughter was cranky. She won’t sleep on her cot. She wants to join me and her brother on the big bed. I let her joined just to drive my son cranky. She couldn’t stop moving, and this 7 months baby cheekily tickles her big brother legs. He was very tired after school, and felt disturbed, so he asked her to stop. She didn’t care and kept doing it. I tried to calm her, sang a song or read a book, just doesn’t worked. When I decided that I had enough of her cheekiness, I put her back to her cot. And she cried out loud. My son wrapped his ears with pillow. She didn’t stop until she was tired crying.
And this morning, 5.30am, she woke up, and starts to cried. I looked up and checked, nothing happened. Nappy still ok, she just finished her bottle. And I can’t see tears on her eyes. Real drama queen. I back to my bed try to catch another hour, and once I snuggled inside my blanket, she started to cry again.
Next minute, my son woke up. He pointed to his sister, and asked her to quiet. She ignored him. Before I understand what happen, these two was into constant conversation only them understood what it’s all about. And ended with my son screamed: you little Miss Noisy!
She suddenly silent. And sobbing. With eyes full of tears. I asked my son, what he been saying to his sister, he said: I asked her to quiet. I’m still sleepy. She said she doesn’t want to be quiet. That is why I called her Little Miss Noisy.

I looked at her. She still sobbing, and presumably understood what her brother just said. I hug her, tried to calm her. Once she out from her cot, she just stop sobbing, and smile again. Very cheeky. Nobody back to sleep. Still around 6am, but just can’t back to sleep, and I hate to admitted that I’m become morning person today.

And the noises never stop. She kept make noise when she can’t see me around –excuse me, mom have to go to toilet, too- or when I asked her not to do something dangerous, like trying to climb TV Table –she not even stand up strongly yet-.

Let see what will be happen tomorrow morning.


Lidia Sianturi said...

hehehe...I completely understand what you've been through..I got my hands full taking care of one little princess who starts to stand up on her own, can not imagine you with yours two. However, I am sure you will make it for another 2-3 days! Take care mommy..

ari said...

Lucu ya Ramya...

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