Monday, November 26, 2007


I need to do something. Something to release my stress and the entire headache, after morning chaos –as usual- when I had to prepare my son for school. With his full capability to said no for every-single-task I asked him to do, said ok but he not even move one inch, running around while ate his brekkie and left his cheese croissant scattered all over lounge room, I have strong reason to spoil myself.

At the beginning, I was thinking about Day Spa. And crossed that idea before I even decide which Spa I can pay a visit. There is no point going to the Spa for relaxation and had my daughter crawling around me when the therapist doing my back or my arms. Not relax at all. I felt tired already, just imagining it. (And I don’t think the Spa will allow me to bring my daughter for a session) So, just forget it.

Second though, I was thinking about retail therapy. Sounds good. And with the fact I need pair of stiletto and clutch bag for wedding next month, it is an excuse to spending money.

Before I went out for my place, third idea came flowing.
How about try my luck with David Beckham.Sounds good, huh? The boy is in town, will be great if I can get chance to see him, not on TV or mags, but in real life. The real Beckham.

The idea came from the media. David Beckham landed in Sydney last Sunday, and will do a match with Sydney FC. So, he was constantly on papers and TV’s every 5 second. Including details on what and when off him.
I tried to get some inside info from my friend’s sister who works in Media & Entertainment business, and happily spare me with all of the details.
So, why not try my luck?

One hour forward, here I am, in so called Sydney Harbour, try to sneak to the area where Meet & Greet will be held. From info that I got, he will meet with couples of Aussi footballer (a.k.a AFL or Rugby League blokes) and some fans –and the media, of course- before heading for a cruise.

I knew it will be hard to get in, to sneak in, and who will believe me if I told the guards that I am a writer from media (called blogs J). Or even if I drag my friend’s sister, I am sure guards still won’t allow me to come inside the area. The main reason? I pushed my daughter pram. Who on earth a professional journalist or writer or media reps or whatever bring her baby to an event?
(Only exist in the movie, Jersey Girl starring Ben Affleck, right?)

In front of me, what I saw are hundreds of people from sponsor-company, sports league, and media with their tele cameras. Not to mention the fans. Soooo many of them wore Beck jersey.
And wooo hoo…..
I saw crowd turned their heads and attention to one spot. No, not Beckham, but Posh! I heard thousand of shutters from their cameras, and at the end, it wasn’t Posh at all. Just her cameo. Funny!

With no luck, I changed my plan. Retail Therapy seems much much better and suits me now. Better than Beckham Therapy, for now. He is handsome. He is hot. But, Oroton sale suddenly hotter for me.

(PS 1:
If you asked me, I am not a biggest fan of David Beckham. For me, he is handsome and cool –and hot? - when he on the field or when he keep his mouth shut. Once he starts talking, his voice –sorry Beck- sounds funny for me. )

(PS 2:
Another thing he will do in Sydney is to launch his Perfume on Myer this Wednesday. I still on high hope that I can get the seat for Meet&Greet from my friend’s sister. Finger cross. Let see.)


Um Ibrahim said...

he..he..retail therapy is always the first & last option isn't it?
I prefer the Spa off course ;)

Good luck with the seat, if u do meet Davey say hi for me, say from the girl in barcelona... :)

ari probandari said...

hehehe...kamu emang bakat nulis deh Yu, tulisanmu itu rasanya bebas banget gitu lho..

iki link komunitas fotografinya. Isin jane aku, isih amatiran..

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