Friday, August 5, 2011

Which one you favor most: Metro Mini or Ayam Pop?

I went to SMESCO building yesterday, located on jalan Gatot Subroto -one of the main road in South Jakarta. Their UKM Gallery housed many beautiful craft from Indonesia's small business -it's a shame the caretaker could not generate visitor to this place, as I heard from many vendors. 

It's 5 storey full of batiks, wooden handcraft, jewelry and many more, but what hooked me up most is this unique pins made by Mahanagari.

I risked my life to get this snapshot, the creator won't be objected -I suppose, since I plan to spread their good craft to the publicity won't do any harm...

These two were only example of many more Mahanagari has created.

So, metro Mini or Ayam Pop?

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