Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Red and White: Dirgahayu my Indonesia

It's Independence day celebration kind of morning for me, hopped from one school -my son first- to another -my daughter afterward- . We were so ready to celebrate, dressed up in red and white and eagerly came for Upacara Bendera.

So there I was, attending Indonesia Independence day ceremony on the Netherlands School, sang Indonesia Raya, recital Pancasila and Declaration of Independence text, and seeing my son became the flag bearer for the very first time, yet I standing next to many Dutch -which once had us as their colony.

Singing Indonesia Raya was my regular chore since my son previous school has assembly once a week that include sang national anthem from both countries. Though I could not recall when it was last time I recite either Pancasila or the Declaration of Independence. And sometimes me and friends had quiz time when we will snapped the 4th of Pancasila -the longest one- and none of us could answered correctly.

Seeing bule -not one but many- dressed in red and white shivering me to the bone. I loves the view along the street lately, a festive on going with many red and white flags and banners, but when I saw people wore it -and they not Indonesian- and little children proudly march and sang Indonesia Pusaka -and again, they not Indonesian- it's remind me that I'm still Indonesia and should do more than dress up and celebrate once a year occasion like this. And less whining about this country.

Ok,lets move on before I become mellow.
It should be the say we cheer up about our independence, right?

So I moved to my daughter school, they held a celebration in fun way, with un-traditional games for the kids.

Before they started the game, once I walk to the school backyard, I greeted with very familiar song and travelled me to my primary-school age in an instant. They had Senam Kesegaran Jasmani song -oooh...I can't fint the perfect world to translate it...lost in translation-  played loud, with the kids exercise slash dance accordingly, one of the teacher stand on the front guided them and show the movement.
As it's hilarious it could be for me to see children bumping each other and tried to do their best action-; this is another thing: when did the last time I hear this song? A song played regularly once a week when I was on a kid, meant to make us do light exercise. I wonder if primary school this age still do the same. Or it might in public school? I have no clue.

Then the games begun. 3 different games, full of laugh, great way to enjoy my morning.
And of course everybody is the winner on those games. The teachers wisely gave every kids their own ribbon so no one felt left behind. 

I saw my children enjoy their celebration day, now it's got me thinking: I will find out if there will be games playing on our local kampung tomorrow, I will take them to watch.

I know Independence Day celebration it's not only about ceremony, games or dress attire, but this time let me just say:
Dirgahayu my Indonesia.

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