Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ballet on air

Before you read this through, I am telling you that I write this just because I quite like the show, not that I am this shopping mall PR or spoke person that getting paid writing this -oooh I wish-

Well, it was suppose to be quick visit to the shopping mall, just to grab some lunch and get a software for my son laptop. Once we stepped on to the centre of this shopping centre we saw crowd of people, heard loud songs and saw kind of steel structure , and there were two girls 'hanging' on that structure. It turn out that this shopping mall had a show what it call "Ballet on Air' during this holiday season. Presented by Aerial Angels from Australia, they will running the show up to July 3rd; once a day during weekend, twice on Saturday and three times on Sunday.

So I decided to watch 2nd show on 2pm with my daughter; in order to get the best seat possible, I queue half an hour before show start, my daughter was so patience she not even asked me for her Ipod to play with while waiting for the show to begin.

This is what I could I remember about the show. The show itself divided into 4 section, 1st was 2 girls playing and climbing the silk fabric that hanging down from the top of those steel-structure -what should I call it- on the centre of the stage, which were very brave and quite sensational. The 2nd section was three girls doing another fabrics on the side of the stage. Not pretty much different with the first show. The 3rd was kind of boring for me, another two girls playing with kind of white hoop with kind of sequin-around-the-edge.

The 4th? 
2 girls riding a kind of swing then pulled off to the top of the structure, then they happily playing swings, somersault on the air and so. It was the best part for me and my daughter.

There will be couple of days left for the show, if you like to watch yourself, come to Gandaria City before they pack their back and go home.
And yes I will take the credit if you go to this shopping mall because you reading this.

Happy Holidays

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