Monday, May 23, 2011

Jamie's Dinner - our version

We all love Jamie -whether its Cullum or Oliver ;-)
So often I would sit and flipping Jamie's cookbook for inspiration, my daughter set me a challenge. Why don't we cook dinner from Jamie Oliver recipes this week, and see how far we go.
And I said yes to her challenge, which echoed by hip-hip-hooray from my son -he is my greatest supporter when it's come to cook a different food or try new recipes, no matter how ugly it look when it served or how tasteless it could be sometimes.

So, its become like "Julie & Julia" (or was it Julia & Julie? Can't remember...) but I'm less ambitious of course. Julie cooked different recipes everyday from Julia Child book, nothing to be missed -and pushed herself too hard, in my view-.
Me? I just want to have fun with simple recipes. I wouldn't go near butterflying chicken, I'll let the expert on my local market do it for me.

The starting line been crossed last Sunday. I'll post my 1st dinner soon -if I have spare time- ; now I better start cooking dinner before its too late.

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