Sunday, May 15, 2011

It was not the greatest week on my life

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Yes, last week was not the greatest week on my life. I had to deal with internet breakdown, electricity breakdown, server breakdown and yet my car collided with super silly bikers that drive me mad.

The first three afternoon I had to face my internet connection breaking up with me on working hours, wasted our time -I guess this is the downside having business dependent on internet-; calling the customer service did not help either, they gave me -not-so-soothing and very standard answer like: 

*we will check with our field man about what happen (and I rang them after service was down for almost 2 hours, they apparently had no clue)
*when service back to normal, we will let you know (hey, what is the point if you ring me after service resume back?)
*we promise we will get your internet back on normal after 3 hours (the fact: more than 5 hours)

Mind you, we hooked to the company that called themselves the best internet provider in Indonesia. How if we choose the 2nd best? Will it better -or it might?

Then our car got hit by motorbike on one of mid-week afternoon.Right before our eyes. We saw it coming, we were on right position,turning right to our 'gang' and this super fast motorbike used our car as their brake, literally. The bang was so loud, I was worry at first if they died -seeing one of them flipped on our nose-. Consider they lucky for being alive, not so lucky had to face me furious -the only thing stop me for punch their faces is my son, he was inside the car- . What made me even more furious is they both had no driving license -I do-; yet they accused me for did not know how it's like to drive a motorbike. God knows that only in Jakarta if there is accident between car and motorbike, no mater what, car get blame often. So I proved myself -for what one newspaper mentioned few times- that most biker in Jakarta have no license, if there is a raid the could just pay at least Rp.10,000 to the officer(s) and off they go....

Then an electricity breakdown on working hours, when I was editing bunch of photographs need to send to customers, when I was smoothly surfing on the net. Only half an hour but enough to get me re-do my editing process almost from the scratch.

Is that it?

Server 'meltdown' on Friday afternoon -again, downside for having a business relay on internet connection- ; I just hate to spend my weekend working on my computer just to make up for what I've been loosing during the week. 

Call me grumpy, I am grumpy for those whole thing.

It's not that I'm ungrateful -like one of my friend comment on my FB account, when I spilled the bean on my wall- ; I am grateful for my life, I am kind of an optimistic person, it just not a great week to face, can't a being such a grumpy-whingeing woman once in my life?

Hope you have a great week this week!

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