Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jenna came home

If you read my previous posting, you knew about Jenna, I suppose. In case you wondering what Jenna looked like, here, let me show you.

It's actually not the 'real' Jenna, it's a 'replacement' Jenna, as my husband flew out of city with the same airline and begged the stewardess to spare him one, a Chimpanzee doll he not supposed to get since he was travelling with no kids.

My son put the biggest smile on his face as he got ‘Jenna’ last night.

Yes, I do agree with teaching our kids to be responsible, if they lost their belonging –especially if they are the one who carry the responsibility to looked after their own things- ; they have to deal with it. Parents not always had to fix the problem.

We’ve failed last night, I guess.

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