Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Holy Dolly

"Mum, Jenna hilang. I lost him".

My 8years old son put on sad face last night -seriously sad. Jenna was his tiny brown chimpanzee his sister got him from our last flight. Yes, it's a freebie, a freebie he likes most.

As parents we all aware that our kids are different each other, yet when it's come to one favorite and -most if it- cherished dearly, they all the same. This one -or more- special item means the world. And we all parents are guilty before trial if they looking where is this       Object gone thus we could not help to find them.

There are many funny yet touching stories about this particular object. Like my niece for example. She loves her long sausage-shape pillow dearly. Not only she could not sleep without, she cuddles it almost anytime. Her mom tried to replace with new similar pillow; she refused and resulted in tantrum.

My daughter is the same. We bought her this cute character from In the Night Garden TV series, she falling in love since. She named him her own name; he went wherever she goes, if a frequent flyer applicable, this doll will have more point than me.

As I read on one article by child psychologist, if a child develop very strong bond with one particular item -not always toys or doll- its actually help them settle because of the secure feeling they got from it. Don't get offense if your child loves her doll more than you at one period of time. It just part of growing up time (if you disagree, call this pschycologist yourself for complain).

For me, one question remains unanswered -at least until now-. When they will start to break their relationship with their special item? Will the moment full of tears, or will they brace themselves like Andy on Toy Story 3? Will their special item try every single way for this detachment process -ok, sorry I might watched Toy Story 3  one too many-.

My son was so sad for loosing Jenna.
He did not prepare for this situation to be happening. No matter he tried to put it behind him, I could feel his sadness. I might have to catch a flight somewhere so I could get another Jenna for him.

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