Monday, October 4, 2010

Day Tripper: Indonesia Book Fair 2010

With the spirit of cheap holiday, on 1st day of this school holiday, I brought my kids to Books Fair in downtown Jakarta. We loves books; that our main reason. Free entry makes it even better :)

It was fairly quiet when we came -around 11am- and this organizer all but clever to put 4D theatre in front of Istora Senayan door. And without any consciousness I spent 60,000 rupiah to had those big silly glasses up on my nose, looking on funny fish movie and some blowing bubbles -its real bubbles- flying to my face...those 15minutes was great though, our 1st ever watched 4D movie.

Once we out from theatre, we walked around from one booth to another, we kind of disappointed with books many vendor presented. Not as good as we thought, I managed to get my son bought Indonesia Folklore story Timun Mas -later on he found it's quite funny- and spent only about 1 1/2 hours there.

Before we out, we stopped by on booth of  the biggest -I guess- book publisher in Indonesia which occupied almost entire front lobby, and get hooked by their offer for discount subscription of Indonesia version of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Not so cheap holiday any longer :(

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