Monday, September 6, 2010

Borrow a bag...and please return it!

I have nothing to do -not nothing-nothing, it's more like a leisure 30minutes off- so I flicked on my TV remote and landed on Martha Stewarts show -that I believed date back sometime in 2007-. Anyway, it was interesting because it talked about women and handbag. Martha Stewart itself carried her 17 years old -yes, 17- Birkin Bag from Hermes that I could see still in perfect condition. She mentioned about how a good bag could be an investment -which I bit disagree, of course, noting that I'm not in the position to splurge so much money on one handbag- and how women these days dying to get desainer handbag.

So, this is the good part: If you can't afford to buy it, just borrow -or rent- it and carry around like you own it. I heard about it before in Indonesia, from one of leading Magazine here; but this website is unbelieveable!  They have like thousand different items -designer items- ready and I guess it'll be hard to choose which item you would like to borrow!

I guess many people tempted not to returned it, so that's why the named their website: Bag Borrow or Steal; borrow it, not steal it.
It's a shame they in US.
I started to think to borrow one of the bag featured in Sex and The City.Only happen in my dream :(

(D&G paperdolls Tote; photo courtesy of

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