Monday, July 12, 2010

(Captures on our lenses) ROAD TRIP to Central Java – Day 1

We kept thinking of big big plan to get the kids on the road on their school holiday. We made it last month, we hit the road, travelled to Central Java where my parents residence. It's not a smooth journey, many things we not counted at first –roadwork, traffic jam caused by accident, fatigue- ; but now I could look back and proudly said: we made it.

Though we had to make a detour, slightly change plan, spent extra on our tight budget, it's a journey we enjoyed, with all silly games along the way, 'Mika' & 'Jamie Cullum' have to sing over and over again, we felt it make us closer as a family.

So, 1st day we drove along from Jakarta to Semarang, through a well-known path called as it lies along north coastal of Java.

I managed to capture some photos along our trip. Happy to share it with you….

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