Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's treasure

I couldn't be happier when someone rang me yesterday and told me they found my Aust' Home Beautiful magazine. I've been careless, left my unopened magazine on public place last week, and when I realized I left without it, it just too late.

I kept begging staffs from the place where I had meeting, to keep looking for me. It's not only I haven't read it, and cost me quite dearly if I have to buy another one -my friend bought it for me-, but also the thought that I'm loosing a sheet of paper full of scribbling design I made earlier that day before my meeting.

My agony was over.

My day just got even better when I made my trip to find more fabrics for next StrawberryPatch project, and discovered these very beautiful fabrics. Ideas just flowing, can't eagerly waiting for tomorrow.

Good night!

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