Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Thursday Morning

It’s traffic as usual on my morning ritual, on the way dropping my daughter to her Daycare. What made its different is two completely opposite view hampered right in front of me.

We were stop on red light just before crossing between Jalan Antasari and Jalan Wijaya ( I apologize for you who not live in Jakarta, especially South Jakarta). And there are one big-built gentleman, with his helmet attached, holding another man –blind man, for sure, I can tell you –he carried a long stick- and helped him crossing the street. Something that I did not see every day, a man left his motorbike just on the side of the road to help other. I saw the whole process he did, it’s touching me. This man could be in a rush, or could be late for work, but he did something rare to see. Shames on people who buzz them while them crossing. I don’t know this man –and I cursed myself for leaving my cameras at home, can’t show you those moment- things always happen when you least prepare, right-

The next minutes, I saw a careless driver with his fancy newest city car, blocked the very left lane for quick turn and left all drivers behind him buzzing furiously. He was so silly –or rather selfish if I might say it- for the action made numbers of people stuck. He knew he not suppose to take that lane –proved he kept his car flashing for right turn.

Gosh people!

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