Friday, March 27, 2009

It took my arm to fried ‘Mpek-Mpek’

It was like all the weekday nights when I cooked dinner and my son was upstairs with my husband, did their own business. Since we got un-cooked ‘Mpek-Mpek’ the other day –kind of Indonesian fish cake, originally from city of Palembang in South Sumatra- ; I was thinking to fried it first then cook some noodles for dinner. I never fried Mpek-Mpek before, the only thing I remember was my sister in law told me to steam it first before frying. So I did.

I separated into 3 batches, bit round around the kitchen preparing the noodle, when my 2nd batch just ready to pull from the pan. I looked on the fire; it was on minimum, so I grabbed my thongs and ready to take from the pan. In a blink, a splash of oil –hot oil from the pan- just splashed onto my right arm.

I was screaming. My daughter run toward me saw me in pain, I can see her body shaken and her hand was tremble. She screaming to, and stop in a sudden. My maid run to me, he turned the stove off, worried about the worse to come. My husband and my son run from upstairs. My son looked at my hand with disbelief. It was red, burn. I felt terribly hot inside my hand. My husband asked my son to find some kind of cream, but we all in panic, bit of chaos, he couldn’t found it. The only thing we found was aloe-Vera cooling gel –it suppose to be for sun-burnt-

Looked on my hand, my husband decided to go to hospital. Lucky it was quiet in Emergency room last night, so I can have a long chat with the doctor about my arm, and we ended with burger for dinner from the hospital café.

Now it got me thinking.

I never thought that with one arm malfunction, it just hard to do everything. I am not losing my arm, just cannot have the flexibility while it’s swelling and wrapped with bandage. Even the simple task so energy-consuming. I take everything for granted. I guess we never learn until it happen, and now this accident simply open my mind the importance of having good health and be thankful for it.

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