Friday, April 11, 2008

oh deer...oh deer, why you taste so good?

When we went to Growers Market couple of days ago, my eyes got stranded with one of the stall selling meat. What really interested me is they stated on their posters, all of this venison fresh meat had halal certificate from Australia Muslim Association.
The seller mentioned that all meat all halal, and we didn’t discuss any further. We went home with 3 big lot of meat, enough for 1 month stock.

Something rings my bell when I wanted to write about this Growers Market, and I did some research on every farmers or producers website. I opened this meat seller website, I saw pictures of deer. I read cautiously, and found that ‘venison’ is the way to call deer meat –which I obviously never heard or knew before- like we call beef for cow-meat.

I did read venison on their poster, their label, when I bought it. I never thought what it was. I though it’s kind of name of the farm or the product brand. How silly.

When I told my husband about it, he was surprised. He was in the same page with me. He never heard about it. I tried to assured him that I got plenty of recipes from their website, so there is nothing to worry about.

I throw this meat onto my grill, made a perfect tender steak. Very lovely texture, and taste great. More like grilled chicken liver rather than usual meat taste.
I’m happy to share –just- the picture with you.

What an experience!

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