Thursday, March 13, 2008

Notes from a wannabe shop-owner

Time flies. I’m running out of time.

This is what happens: I need a website for my products; I want to sell them online. Like I told you before –weeks ago- I though it will be easy. It wasn’t. I am walking toward closely to my deadline. Yes, I am the one who set this perimeter. It supposed to makes me works harder and quicker. But it seems a very big-thick wall always against me, pushing me away from what I plan.

Now, I looked back to Ashop. I felt like I don’t know where to go. Not the Ashop Commerce Australia, this is their umbrella in US. They do the same thing though, e-commerce software as well shopping cart software, the things that I need for building my website from the scratch.

Since I was in 10 days trial with the Australian ‘branch’, I came back to them with full expectation. This US Ashop should be capable to help me better with my shopping cart. Their Customer Service as helpful as always. I believe they might got headache during all the conversations time –or chat-time or e-mail time, whatever you want to called it- with me because I bombarded them with thousand questions and I always wanted instant answer –good customer, huh?-. And all of that session put me toward another dead-end: they can’t help me more. Still the same problem as before: I want to sell my product either with USD and IDRupiah, they don’t have the program to support it-with IDR, I mean-. GOSH !

They really trying hard to help me –and please me-. Then, the got one unexpected advice for me: what I should do is just get the domain & hosting with them, they will provide me with their easy navigate and moderate template, I just have to find someone who able to dive deep into the entire HTML code, and change the code of currency. Or so.

I took that advice happily –and I’m happy to come back to this site again-. They not even hook me with any term or anything upfront, let say, register with them or buy their product first, before gave me the advice.

This is what I call service!

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