Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello Jakarta, it's been 4 years

This photo was taken when we on the highway from Soekarno Hatta airport. We just free from traffic jam. We faced traffic jam once the car was out from airport road to the highway. Less than 500metres from the car picked us. Unbelievable!

My son was soo amazed with this very busy highway. He never saw that many cars in his life. He started to read every-single-brand of the car, every-single-licence-number until he looses it.

When we came across Pluit flyover (I’m sorry If I’m wrong, I can’t quite remember…) with 3 highways formed triple decker highways, I can see his jaw-dropping face. Not long until we faced another traffic jam and we must travel quite slowly, he started to feeling hungry. And bored. We can save his tummy with some snacks, but who can resist the feeling of bore and sleepy when we run at 10km/hour? Not even me.

Lucky for us, my husband parent’s house is in South Jakarta, not to far from Jakarta Business District. So within about one hour, we can get ourselves some great lunch with all families.

And the party just started………….


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