Sunday, December 9, 2007


A few weeks ago, my son’s preschool teacher was getting married. So, we all parents want to give her surprise party. A wedding tea. One of the mums –parent’s coordinator- organized to buy a present for her. And other teacher organized a very beautiful card which made from 2 big canvasses and all kids do their share of hand print.

Since in my culture, there is no pre-wedding party, hen night or wedding tea, I have no idea about what is wedding tea. In fact, it is an afternoon tea, with little bit extra food –cake and something for nibble- which every mum request to bring something. I brought my very famous fruit kebabs (kids love it, which is why it is famous – at least in my son pre-school. Find the recipes here). On the day of wedding tea, we’re come in on 3.15pm and the party started on 3.30pm. When I came in, Ms.T –the bride to be- asking me what happen and why every mum came in the same time to pick up their kids. It must be odd for her. As a good parent, I zipped my mouth off. She repeatly saying that she suspected something happens behind her back, and all the parents are sneaking behind her back.

When it is come to the time to unveil the surprise, all children cannot wait. Coincidentally, a boy was celebrating his 5th birthday. And the children start to spell the surprised out, telling Ms.T it will be 2nd birthday party (some children though Ms.T had a Birthday party as well).

Birthday party finished, we started another party. Parent’s rep gave the gift –a very beautiful necklace- to her. She stood in front of the class with tears in her eyes. She might start to guess about the party we throw for her, but with the gift, the wedding tea became a different story. We all made her completely in tears when Ms.M -another teacher- handed the canvasses. These canvasses were absolute winner.

This wedding tea was my first. New experience of different culture. Just like when some parents and teachers throw me a baby shower about 1 year ago. Of course this wedding tea was a celebration for a bride in very polite way –if I may call-. Not kind of hen night with male stripper –which I don’t want the experience from that such a party, for sure.

Next couple of months; we might throw another party for Ms.T . Could be Baby Shower, who knows?

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