Sunday, December 9, 2007

To Market...To Market...

I love this market. Farmers Market on Oxford St – Bondi Junction. Only open once a week, every Thursday. Not to far from my place, about 20 minutes by bus.

Things that I love are the fact this is farmers market. Everything –ok, almost- comes first hand. From farmers to us. Or at least, from farmers-distributors-us. Only one leg. And left us with fresher product than from supermarket. Fresher veggies than from local veggie shop. And there are some farmers doing organic farming, sell their product in this market too. If it is not organic, at least it is fresh.

Named these two gentlemen. They do organic coffee. “Bean, Grind, Drunk”, it says on their coffee packaging. We tried and we fall into it. Now we keep comeback for their coffee.

Or.Mr.Neville with his free range eggs. For me, his free range is the best eggs we ever taste here. The yolk is sooo smooth and creamy. Remind me of ‘telur ayam kampung’ back in Indonesia. All these eggs are always fresh, direct from the farm, never been to warehouse or stored for long time. When I had to make cupcakes for my son birthday, these eggs turned my cupcakes into the best and smoothest cupcakes ever. If you thing I exaggerated, try yourself. $6 for a dozen jumbo free ranges is no too bad if you compare with the result you going to get.

There they are: these gentlemen sell Hungarian donuts (you can look back on my older post about this donuts).Kind of pastry donuts, our favorite. Not as heavy and sweet as normal donuts. It’s heavenly yummy….Cinnamon flavor is the best, with dash of cinnamon sprinkle all over it.

There are many more stall holders which I can only name a few, like kind of Turkish Goslem or Thai Pies or Organic Breads. And it is nice to having an experience of shopping and tasting new food from all around the world and chatting with stall holder –which won’t happen if you buy your fruits or veggies from supermarket or Hypermarket-. It’s bring back my memories about my childhood, when mum use to took me to shop on traditional market, 25years ago back in Indonesia.

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