Tuesday, December 4, 2007


(This story happened last Sunday…)

9.30 am
I am on Emergency on Prince of Wales Hospital. Sitting down, waiting to see a doctor. I’m not on pain. I got itchy attack. Couldn’t stand anymore.
It started 2 days ago, Friday afternoon. I was having early dinner with my children and girlfriend at local restaurant. At that time, I noticed something itchy on my left elbow, created a red circle path. I though something must’ve bite me. With this Sydney crazy weather on the last day of spring, everything could be happen. Might be some insect or dust.
The itchy was come and go. On and off. I just ignored, I thought it will be heal by itself. I applied my daughter cream on, it does worked bit reducing the itch.

Saturday morning, I was in a rush, preparing the kids to go to the Airport, pick up their dad. The itch was developing; I found another 2 on the other hand. On my right fingers. And my right ankle. It’s spotted red dot with unbearable itch. But I had to go, so I ignored it. Until last night, I couldn’t keep up anymore. And hey, it’s Saturday night. Weekend. Where I can find a doctor or chemist to get some drugs to heal it?

The lender of the last resort is –of course- hospital. I rang them last night, tried to get some clue about kind of medicine I can take, just for last night, from whatever available from my emergency kit. I did research in the internet before I rang them, that food allergic can be relief temporary by drugs with contains antihistamine. Gotcha! Could use my cough medicine. That is why I rang them, just to make sure. And of course they won’t tell me. By law, they can’t guide through the phone without seeing or examining it. How if they give wrong drugs, and it will haunt their life forever –not to mention getting sue-. So, they asked me to come and see the doctor instead. Fair enough.

So, here I am now, on Emergency lounge waiting for doctor. It’s been one hour since I came and fill out my details on front desk. And been 45mins since the nurse check on my temperature and blood pressure. I might not bad enough to be examining at first hand. And FIFO certainly doesn’t works while it comes to emergency. Couple of people behind me all in and even two patients after me. They look not in shape though, so they let them in first. Me? I looked fresh, beautiful (hmm….should I tell you that I still have time to put my lipstick and mascara on before coming here..?) so why rush?
(They just did not see that behind this pretty face, I crunched the seat every time the itch attacking, because I don’t want to scratch it. Poor me!)

9.45 am
I haven’t got chance to eat anything before came in I was –again- rushing to come. Can’t stand the itch.
When they will call me? Oh pleaseeeee…………………

10.05 am
I am in. Inside the examination 7. Room 7. Alone.
I was call by a beautiful young Dutch doctor (I know from her surname), she checked every patch that develop, and she not sure what happened. Hello…..She is a doctor, I gave her every information, and she left me alone here. She said, she wants to get the opinion from her colleague about what happen.
I am waiting…..

10.17 am
She back. With her colleague, another young male doctor. He must be her senior. You can tell from the way him dress (even though there are no rules about uniform in this hospital. I saw young female nurse wearing a short. Lucky, she not wear bikini, consider it summer). So, the senior look at my skin, the patch, and he said frankly that it is kind of allergic. He not sure what it is cause, could be anything or even changing detergent could be the problem. He asked me if I did bushwalking recently. Of course not. Why would I do bushwalking if window shopping is more promising exercise for me?
At least nothing serious. Only allergic reaction. But hey….when I am so happy to hear this in not very bad condition, these two doctors left –again- , and me alone with this notebook try to comfort each other. Oh come on…just give me the prescription, so I can go home.

10.25 am
She’s back. Now with a nurse, she checked my blood pressure and gave me anti-allergic tablet. The young Dutch doctor hand me a reference letter for my GP, just in case I have to see him tomorrow if any trouble.

10.35 am
Heading towards home, inside a cab (do you believe me if I tell I write this inside the cab?)

Sunday afternoon….
The itch was gone. It left bit of red marks and my right palm is swollen because of it. I had to move my wedding ring on my left finger. But it doesn’t mean I can’t go out for late lunch, right?

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Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

Tau deeeh rasanya gatel2 setengah mati..tp masih amazed aja mbak msh bs looking fresh, hihihi

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