Sunday, August 12, 2007

Labor of love

My little girl started to eat solid 4 days ago. At first, I was thinking to give her solid when she turns 4 months yesterday. Soooo many books said, you better start to give solid when the baby is 6 months, just to make sure their tummy ready. But when we saw how passionate this little princess with all food that I prepared, or simply watched us having dinner, day after day for like 2 weeks, my husband just throw out the idea to start give her solid on that Wednesday, on that very fine moment when I prepared nothing for this event to be happen. Because I was thinking, I have another 3 days to prepare.
So, I just grabbed one carrot from the fridge, chopped on my beloved food processor. But it seems I can't crush the carrot smooth enough. I still trying for another 15 minutes, but my princess scream already. Can't wait.
And I don't want the world pointing on me, for how a bad mother I am for being incapable, just for doing simple task like this. So I tried to find salvage in my strainer. If I could strain it, it will become a puree carrot. And doooooh...why you always can't find anything when you really need it?
Another 5 minutes and here we go, found the strainer on the back corner of my utensil drawer. And again, Little Princess was sooooo hungry, she started to cry. Oh poor thing.
Finally, I can make everything ready -after another 10 minutes, of course- and she ate so quickly, only takes her less than 15 minutes to finished.
Learned from that day, I try to prepare baby food in advance. Make enough stock for 3-4 days. And try becoming a good mother. Ideal mother. This means, I try to cook all the food by myself. Not buying ready to eat baby's food on the jar from supermarket. Try to take preservatives away. And today, my idealistic start to cost me. After peeling, chopping, mashing, pureeing, straining 2 days in a row, I felt my upper arms just killing me like I never felt before. At least, not in the last 3 years. And still days to go. I can surrender for just after few days. Not now. It's labor of love.

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