Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Homemade Baby First Food - What to prepare

Some people says, the best time to give first solid for your baby is when the baby at least 6 months. The reason behind is the readiness of baby’s digestive system. But I started giving solid for both of my kids when they turned 4 months, since they showing readiness signs for solid (interested in food when saw others eats, milk doesn’t settle the baby-means the baby needs more than milk- and reflex of the tongue to swallow has develop –means when I put some foot on their mouth, they swallow instead of bounce the food off the mouth-).

I try to makes my own baby food which not hard but need extra patience. Based on experienced, for start we don’t need an advance or the latest home appliance like food processor or blender. Just try using simple everyday tools from your kitchen. When your baby growing and need more variance, you can think about buying a decent blender to help you out.

For baby 1st food, I am using strainer as my most important tools. And invest in some small container with lid, microwaveable, so you can cook big batch in one time and divided into container. If you put on the fridge, it will last for 2 days. Freeze it, and it will last for 2 weeks. When frozen, do not thaw using microwave, let it thaw naturally with taken from freezer about 2-3 hours before meal time. Just put on kitchen bench, lid unopened.

With both kids, I decided not to give mixture food for the first 3 months. Instead, I try to give different menu every day, repeated after 3 days or so, so I be able to see what my baby’s favorite. If there is some food that causing allergic, it’s also easy to spot.

The most important things before you do your own baby food is wash your hand, and devoted one separate napkin or tea towel to dry your hand every time you make your own baby’s food. And make sure, your entire utensil is perfectly clean.

Happy cooking !

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