Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day Tripper : Miniapolis

As much as we don't favour indoor playground, we kinda run out of option few Sundays ago. We don't usually do Sunday outing but since government decided that following Monday it's public holiday so we think it's ok to splurge another day on the weekend.

We could not stand the heat and humidity, so the idea to go play in Miniapolis- a kind of indoor playground-just pop on our head. We never been there as a family but Little Miss R went once with her school mate. She jumped for joy when we told her our destination and therefore busy telling her big brother for do and don't in Miniapolis.

It should be 30 minutes drive -tops- from our residence to Miniapolis -which located right in downtown Jakarta, on the 3rd level of Plaza Indonesia-. Thanks to our lack of information about half day traffic detour every 2nd and 4th Sunday on the bloodline of Jakarta -jl.Sudirman and jl.Thamrin,- took us more than 1 hour -which include circling around same streets couple of time, Google Map wasn't helping either-.

As we expected, not many visitors when we arrived about midday. We learnt our research that many Jakartan start flocking shopping mall around 1-2pm. Means we got chance to enjoy most before getting to crowded. We decided to bought day-pass ticket which covered all venues and unlimited playing time -and it's not cheap for sure, double it as well-.

 { Amazed }

 { Getting the ID tag }

Miniapolis itself bit larger that I thought, with shops surrounding its carousel and playground, mini-train track plastered on the floor, snaking around between shops and connecting one area to another. We jumped on the train and I had a good look of the shops when aboard while my kids enjoy the ride. Well-known shops like Mothercare, Crocs or Okaidi -the newest brand from French- were among them. I like independent store like Little Heirloom with their gorgeous display. One if them like Brown Tree displayed very cute doll with  -unfortunately-not-so-cute price tag attached.

Since we bought day pass tickets, we had the liberty to stop playing, grabbed our lunch on foodcourt 3 levels down, and back uplevel to play more. There were couple of restaurants and cafes on the same level as Miniapolis. We choose cafe Excelso and got ourselves -me and my husband- caffeine while our kids conquered tha playground. This cafe was packed with parents waited for their kids play on the playground. So we had to kept ordering so we don't get kick out ;-)

No children happy when its time to go home. Mine too. If following day still a holiday, I would be happy to let them play for a couple more hours, and I could also have more times to enjoy my afternoon coffee with my husband.
One last game before we headed home, Digiwall. Here, my kids in one team play another sibling, and hey, it was so much fun. Physical -as they had to touch all the light that on randomly and having their score announced at the end yet challenging. I do not mind playing it if they allow me.

  { Ready to climb the Digiwall }

Will we back? Hmmm...yes, not anytime soon but yes.

See you in another day tripper.


lisana icha said...

so cute, tante! :)

Ayu said...

Thanks are you anyway?

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