Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Consider we lucky...

Consider we lucky, my husband was home when he heard waterfall kind of noise inside our house.

Consider we lucky , we had no maid yet my 3 staffs were reliable and helpful.

Consider we lucky, it was our study-slash-home office not our bedroom get flooded.

Consider we lucky, water flushed from ceiling right to our working-chair, not onto our running desktops -yes, of course it's always a side effect for having water splashed on it, we keep our fingers crossed-

Consider we lucky, we bought our guest room bed+mattress recently, very good timing -we have an excuse for spent the night downstairs-

Consider we lucky, only our 2nd floor affected. We could hang on 1st floor, alive and kicking -I am grateful for it-

Consider we lucky, no one injured -yes, a bit of back-ached for 3 consecutive hours of cleaned up all waters-

Consider we lucky....

1 comment:

Vanessa Reksodipoetro said...

Wow! I love your positivity mba :)

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