Thursday, September 9, 2010

Greeting Cards, Conversation at the Post Office and Eid Al Fitr

I asked my friends through Facebook the other day:

"When was the last time you send greeting cards to family/friends? I mean, the real greeting cards; not e-cards or text message or email with gigantic picture..."

As I expected, many said it was like five years ago, or even more. Some were saying they still kept cards I sent them through the years -thanks friends,I really appreciate it-; some said they expect me to send real card to them this year. Not an e-card; or text message.

The World has change. People change. Internet change the way we communicating. Why bother buying some cards and get it post when you could send free e-card, cheap text message, and furthermore, tagging every friends on Facebook.
And I'm one of these people who send text message to the world for this Eid. And tagging friends on Facebook for the sake of practicality.
I tried to retain one -yes, only one, I suppose- good habit, sending Eid Cards to my parents, grandma and all in laws, made myself busy with my last minute handmade cards and walked them to nearest post office to get them posted.

Very interesting conversation happened though, during my drop off time to my local Post Office. Where the gentleman behind the desk sadly saying they haven't got many cards as before, numbers are declining, and he admitted himself preferred texting than sending a card. Cost ten-times -or more- to buy a stamp than sending a text message. Long gone those glorious days when people queing on Post Office counter with stacks of cards and busy staffs helped with 'Telegram Indah'.

Ooh.. I missed those moments too....
I made myself promise to pay a visit next year -next Ramadhan if possible- to GPO in Pasar Baru Jakarta to experience the same feeling like I used to feel 15 years ago.

Happy Eid Mubarak...
May Allah Bless You....

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