Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day Tripper: Ragunan Zoo

As much as I want to call this our Day Trip, out visit to Ragunan Zoo this weekend is more like to support our son school's event, a Walkathon event aimed to raise money for couples of Yayasan Social  or organization in needs.
And –bugger- we kind of ambitious when we set our goal to get there on 6.30 the latest –as last year we did make it 6.30; and more incentive were given to student who come early-; but this year, it was 7.03 when we parked on Zoo's parking lot, and it's quite full already.

Once my son registered for walk, we –I & my daughter; my son & my husband- walked in different direction. We all have our own agenda apparently. My son with his ultimate goal to walk at least 20 laps –about 10km- and my daughter dying to see the elephants. So in a minutes, a lost sight of my son and my husband, kept walking slowly with my daughter, and we had a chat about everything. It was great morning after an early shower, so 8 am still feels quite cold. My daughter wanted to take some photos, I reluctantly handed my pocket Leica, it turned out she had steady hand, a lot better than her brother!

6 laps later, my daughter asked for the elephants, so we made a detour from designated lap to see the elephants -3 of those, surprisingly in better state than when we came in before. They looked healthy, the way they moved wasn't in a slow painful way, and one of them hooked my daughter attention when he (he? Not sure though) crushed one big coconut and ate it –my daughter mentioned that this very elephant likes coconut as mommy loves to drink and eat young coconut; so I just about at par with an elephant J

There were Zebras and Giraffe too that draw my daughter attention; they lived on one big area with 3 mini guard-like-houses –or cage? - for the elephants, which only one occupied. We sat on a steel bench right in front of this giraffe and zebras place, my daughter had some conversation with them as they are her best friend from Madagascar; named everyone of them; and laughing hysterically when the Giraffe walked toward to us and nod to her –she said her mouse-ears headband must've made the giraffe think that she is his friend. Who knows what giraffe thinking anyway?

Around 9.30am, crowd started to coming and we felt like we have to go –a bit of drama to get my daughter off from her prime seat- but we had to meet our other half, my son and my husband. We walked 1 lap and met them, walked another lap to completed our day before handed my son walking card to his teacher, and off we went.

My son did 24 laps at the end. 12km wasn't so bad for 7 years old; my daughter did 8 laps -4 km full of joy. As for my husband and I, we never exercise in the last 6months. Now that we headed home, me and my husband just waited and see if our leg will play up tomorrow. Poor us.

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