Thursday, August 19, 2010

(not) just ordinary weekend

Apart from washing-ironing-vacuuming-mopping cycle –that seems never ended; last weekend we decided to do bit more to our house: a little bit decorating, put up framed words –it's been sitting up for eternity on the top of our pantry- and cherish our weekend with fresh flower.

We grateful for living in our own place –means no strict renting-rules- and feel free to jam a single nail to the wall –yup, you might notice that our wall need to be re-paint; we haven't decide what color it will be since we thought it will be out main feature wall; I think about chalkboard paint though- and do whatever on it. My husband is quite handy with DIY-things around our house, so one frame wasn't really big deal for him –especially the words on that is something about him-.

And thanks to my grandmother who handed me down one of her old-metal teapot. It's a vintage teapot. And quite big, big enough to become a focal point on our dining table –thanks to my little sister who carry it through inside her luggage on her last visit-. Such a beauty to see it teamed with bunch of Lily.

Now I start to thinking about our next project for the weekend. Change on a cushion cover or two. I found a picture of cushion cover made from tea towel, bit quirky, but as long its goes well with my blue-yellowish hue of our lounge, I can't see the impossibility.

See you on my next project!

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