Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Road Trip to Central Java – day 2: When mortar, pestle and truck collide

After 10 or more hours driving, we decided to stop in Semarang -capital province of Central Java- not because we want to but merely we kind of exhausted and driving another 3 hours to get to Surakarta -well known as Solo- wasn't an option.

We do have many families lived in Semarang –even our grandma- but the ideas of knocking their door on 1am and asking for bed to sleep with 2 kids in tow seems pretty impolite. Looking for hotel wasn't an easy job too –since it's a school holiday season- ; good think was my husband remembers one particular hotel stuck on his mind since our last visit to Semarang. And lucky, there is a room available, double spacious bed on Gumaya Hotel helps us through the rest of the night.

Awake and full of adventure spirit, we started again, this time driving another 3 hours to get to Solo. Not many snapshots we could get since we more engaged in another 'show and tell' activity, a past time history about places we lived along our way to solo.

I get too excited to see display of cooking utensils mixed with interstate trucks toy I forgot to take a shot on it. So here my best shot

Young Coconut is not a rare commodity, for sure. It was easy to spotted so many roadside coconut vendor , some of them labeled their coconut likes 'kelapa muda bakar' aka 'grilled young coconut' which I am not quite sure it taste different –as my friend inform its rather gimmick and purely to make their coconut stand from the crowd.

-To be continued-

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