Friday, May 28, 2010

Mr Frogs on my blog

Little Miss R asked me if I could 'put' this picture on my computer. With all do means, I made it as my screen wall paper. She shaked her head annoyingly.
"This is not what I mean," she said firmly.
"You said you want this on my computer," I replied.
"No, I want this on your computer. Like your sewing things." (whatever I made, she always called it 'sewing things' just because a sewing machine is involve)
It's turn out, she want this picture on my blog. Or my computer, as she said. I wonder if she knew the different between blog, website or a humble screen picture (mind you, she 3 y.o). But she definetely knew what she talking about, Mr Frog now appears on my blog.

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