Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood...or bike???

Little miss R -my youngest- is very fond of the"Little Red Riding Hood"'s back there in Sydney when we found a nice red knitted-jumper with hood and we thought it will be cute if we bought the book in the line if it -I know, we just made our excuse to bought the book-.

It's countless nights where I will read the Little Red Riding Hood book for her bedtime story, somehow I get bored of it, and decided to stop reading it about months ago. Until last night, when I was too tired to read my children a bedtime story, and littlle miss R stepped up to take over my duty.

"What story do you like me to read?" she asked me.

I can't really think, I said "Little red riding hood" randomly.

So, here is her version of Little Red Riding Hood:
"Once upon a time, there is a little girl riding a bike. And there is her grandma eating some food. Comes out the wolf, brought some food and give it to grandma. And they eat together.
That's the end of the story."
I hold myself not to laugh at her story, and at some point my son was bursting in laugh.
Seeing her proud face, I gave her my warmest smile.
Mind you, she is not even 3 years old :)
So she must've been thinking that riding have to be associate with a bike.
Clever though.
Bottom end, children are free to make up their own story, aren't they?


Katrina said...

What a great story and a smart little girl. We can never predict the stories that children will come up with! And I love, love, love that she came up with a story about her riding a bike. I just read that story to the class today and after all these years, this is the first time I have wondered why she is called "riding hood" - thanks to Little Miss R.
Such a great story, made me laugh a lot.

I like your blog!

Ayu HUSODO said...

Thank's an honour to hear it from you...

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