Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Herald, finally

After almost a year wanting to read printed-version of Sydney Morning Herald, I finally got one delivered to my door on Saturday. There is a company organizing papers from all around the world, including Sydney Morning Herald.
The downside is-expensive, of course- it's only one main Saturday paper without it's bulky supplementary section; also it comes on BLACK and WHITE!
I never realized that even when I walked into this company putting my name down and there were array of papers from countries displayed in black and white -I just realized it when I got it on my hand.
It still had me jumping for joy, for sure, but now it got me thinking, what it will look like for The Sydney Magazine -that I subscibing too- with it glossy and colorful papers? Will it come in Black and White -which is no point flicking on page by page of black and white magazine, that's the thing I'm not into.
I better ring this company now.

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