Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time to go paperless?

I got papers-sick. Sick of cleaning up my old documents. Have you ever feel like me? Or you still guessing, what papers-sick is? Just check in your dictionary, I bet you can’t find what papers-sick is. Google it, you might find similar meaning, but let me save your time for googling.

If you ever feel sea-sick, this is similar. When you feel dizzy –thanks to continues swing of the ship or boat you aboard- and wants to throw up so badly, when all those nice and yummy foods still flowing –imagine you on dinner cruise- and you can’t hold.

I got this very bad feeling when I had to make some room by throwing some of our old documents out. Documents and paperwork that amazingly mounted in boxes, in the past 5 years, without giving me any clue how this possibly happened.

I opened first box housed thick dusty paperwork. Felt itchy around my arms, and getting worst since. Most of the papers are old thesis draft of my husband students. Now the dilemma: should I throw them, or wait for my husband to come home and let him sort himself –means I just move from one place to another without any progress-. I choose to call my husband, asked for his permission to throw that entire old thesis. In return, he only said: throw everything without my name on it. Ho Ho Ho, this is tricky! ¾ of those papers has his name!

I moved to second box. Old bills. Old credit card statements. Now, it’s me being paranoid. If I throw all those old credit card statements without shred them -I forgot where is my shredding machine-, how if someone find it and use my personal details for some bad intention? No way! Won’t let that happen. Or, should I leave it, and do it another day once I find my paper shredder? Gosh…another dilemma…

I’m ended up with tearing off all those documents & bills presented my personal details. Problem sorted. Fingers sore.

Took me almost one full day to do sorting-throwing process. De-Javu. It wasn’t long ago, when we have to move from Sydney, I devoted one of my busy-packing-day for sort old bills and papers shredded them into piece, got dizzy and nausea on the end.

I felt exactly the same now.
Feel like run to shopping centre and spending money is the only cure.

Maybe it’s time to go paperless. Pay everything by net, get all billing by e-mail, and just print what I need. No more sorting pile of papers and old bills.

But wait….how if my computer crash? Or internet connection is down?
Can you spare me the answer?

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hendrawanr.oldfriend said...

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