Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome to non-smoking and non-soda flight…

Sound Strange?
Strange but true.

I spent my long weekend away from Jakarta, visit my family in Solo. With only 55 minutes fly by aero plane, we opt for Indonesia’s national carrier. The best –we assume, it suppose to- and the most expensive compare to others cheap airline flying to same destination.

And I’m craving for soda. Cola, precisely. My thirst came in a sudden when I was in departure lounge, chewing my doughnut –yep, doughnut plus cola, what a ‘perfect’ combination for stretching my belly a bit- . I’ m a bit prick at that time, not wanting to spent any money for soda, rather waiting another hour for free can of coke. Or less than a can –I never drink much coke-. I hold it until we were boarding on to the aero plane. And snack time.

2 stewardesses usher their snack cart, I wait patiently for my turn.
“What would you like to drink?” the young ones asked me.
“May I have a coke please?”
“Pardon me?”
“Coke. Coca cola. Or any soda you might call it.”
“Oh, sorry. We have no soda on this flight”.
“Oh, you run out?” (Silly question)
“No, we don’t serve soda anymore. Tea, coffee or juices only.”

Ohhhh…Can’t believe it. One and a half million rupiah for return ticket, and no sight of soda. I’m speechless.

“Ok, I’ll have Orange Juice then.”

Once those stewardesses move their cart away from my side, I can see my husband from his seat toast his tea-filled plastic cup to me.
“Welcome to non-smoking and non-soda flight, darling. Enjoy,” he smiled cheekily.

I turn my back on him.

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