Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dim-sum Indonesia's' Style

What is so special about Siomay? (Pronounciate as “she-o-may”)

Nothing special if you Indonesian or you live in Indonesia.

As you may know that in Indonesia you can buy some nice yummy food easily from street vendor. Some of the vendors are walking around the street, with their push-cart -we call it gerobak; as ‘ghee-row-buck’- just hail them and give them your plate or bowl, and they'll do the rest.

One of the very popular foods sold by street vendor is "Siomay". This kind of dim-sum, made from fish and formed into ball-shape like, accompanies with boiled potato and hard boiled eggs. Some vendors add steam cabbage that been rolled -like vine leaves on Lebanese food- They dressed it with peanut dressing -kind of dressing you could find in Indonesia's Chicken Satay-
We had one vendor that been selling this Siomay since like 8 years ago. It was so surprised to see him again passed our place, so we decided to have one big plate of it. Rama was so amazed with this 'show' as the vendor prepared my order. He didn't it eat, of course. The peanut dressing is hot. Even I can't bare the chilies anymore, it's became too hot for me know. I have to get use to it again.

Have a look at the pictures. This vendor is very generous with the peanut dressing. It covered up the whole plate.

Let me know when you want to visit me here, I will ask him to prepare one big plate of Siomay, only for you -if you dare the chilies :)

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Ktut R Palupi said...

Mbak ayu... jadi ngiler liat siomaynya... hikss Rama udah bujang ya :)

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