Friday, November 28, 2008

The Art of Art Auction = blow the budget

We’ve –I, my son and my daughter- been starring on this art for so long, since we brought it home about 2 hours ago. After long painful battle with Jakarta’s traffic – rainy Friday afternoon, what you can expect?-, drove back and for hours, shuttled between Kemang and Kebayoran Baru 4 times in 3hours, it’s all mine now. Not 100% though, I haven’t pay it yet, but I am so over the moon now.

It’s my son and his classmate’s art. Been display a whole week on the Assembly Room on his school, the Art week simply finished with an arts auction. The money not a simple amount, though. I blow my budget –way over my husband budget, three times over precisely- . I spent quite a lot of money. Now I have to think what I have to say to my husband about it. Have no idea. At least I got the Art I really want. He might be ok with it. Since we keep thinking to buy a painting for our place. Or he might not ok, consider we on the tight budget at the moment.

Oh God. At least this is not an impulse buying like shopping madness over sale season. This is my son art. I want to enjoy now, before he back home anytime soon.

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