Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bus-style gift-wrapping

I did this simple gift-wrapping when my son gets invited to his mate party. Very easy, good enough to make an instant impact.

And I apologize that since we’ve been choosing book as a present, I had no picture of this gift-wrapping style applied on bulkier or thicker thing. But you can always use your imagination, use this just for an idea for your own-style bus gift-wrapping.

What you need are:
· Plain paper in 3 different colors (First paper is for main wrapping paper, second and third
paper is for embellishments). Here, I choose light blue as first paper, light yellow as second
paper, black as the third.
· Paper glue and sticky tape
· Scissor
· Color pen / marker (I’m using gold marker)

What you have to do:

1. Wrap your gift with your first paper as the base
2. Draw small squares and triangle on your second paper, and cut. Draw and cut as many as you need. I’m using it as the windows of the bus.

3. Draw circle on your third paper, and cut. Again, draw and cut as many as you need. I go with 4 circles. It will become the tyres of the bus.

4. Stick all windows and tires on your gift that been wrap with first paper.

5. Using your marker or pen, draw circle onto ‘bus tyres’ and Small Square inside ‘bus windows’ so it look more alive.

6. For finishing touch, I did write the birthday boy name on the bus, the bus route mirrored his birthday date. (It always lovely to have your name written on something someone gives to you. Kind of personal touch)

It was turn out this boy’s mum very flattered with my simple work, not to mention the birthday boy for having ‘bus-present’

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rina said...

Thanks for sharing! boleh juga idenya....

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