Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hot. Humid.Sweat. Love the trip!

It’s been 5 days since we arrived back in Sydney. My body-clock still doesn’t work properly. I tried to woke up in normal hour (my normal hour is 6.30am), but I found I jump off the bed 9.30 instead. Never though that time-zone difference will be so hard to beat.Sydney is quite hot now. Summer. But nothing can’t beat the heat and humidity back then in Indonesia. We spent 3 weeks in sweat and wet rainy weather. Even small tasked made me sweat like I just did marathon. I might not used to the humidity anymore (even on second week, I felt better when we stopped in Solo for a week) 4 cities in 3 weeks is not an easy journey. It required full throttle of energy, especially to deal with 2 active kids and 7 different wedding events in 2 cities with about 600km distance. And 4 gigantic luggages’ that took hours to unpacked and packed again.

Our first stop was Bali. We stayed for 2 nights in Tuban-near Kuta. We were having good time, tried to beat time-zone different and adjust our body-clock with Indonesia time zone. Of course it didn’t work perfectly - as we though before-. The first day (we arrived on Monday afternoon, Dec 17, 07 - about 3pm Bali time, which is about 6pm Sydney time), 3 am in the morning, both kids woke up and started to chat and laugh at each other. I, half sleepy half disturbed, tried to shut them off. They didn't care. 3am means 6am for their body and why they have to cares about sky were still dark when they woke up. The sky was always dark in winter morning anyway....

5am Bali time, they both hungry. Breakfast time in Sydney. I had no problem with Ramya -the young one- because I had all her food ready. For Rama, it was different story. We had nothing. And hotel breakfast time start on 6.30. We -me & my husband- were thinking to order something from the kitchen, but they shut down at 5am- for the reason that we never know (they might just preparing breakfast, I guess....). Rama ended with peanuts from mini-bar as pre-breakfast. And you can guess what happened next on brekkie time. He ate almost everything he could. he must've starving.
We had lazy day on our first day. Done nothing. Rama did swim couple of lap while I unwind and relax next to the pool. As relax I could, before heading for busy day in Jakarta & Solo next.
The best thing about our Hotel (we stayed at Santika Beach & Resort) is: the Butler. Yes, our very own butler. We could call them anytime for help instead of called Room Service. So, it was very personal service.
We not used to this kind of "helper department" anymore. Date back in Indonesia, we had a maid. It was about 4 years ago. And Rama never knew about it. So, he really amazed with all their service...


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