Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy APEC Day

Nice to having Sydney back to normal. Ok, it might be not 100% normal; at least it is alive now.

It is kind of eerie on last 3 days to see Sydney turn into ghost town. With APEC in town, and Friday declared as public holiday, every Sidneysiders flew out of town. I was thinking to walk to downtown, take some pictures of Sydney. This is the only chance to walk in very quiet Sydney. Quieter than Christmas Day. But some friends warned me, with baby in tow and restricted street will be hard for me to walking unnoticed by police. There are policemen in every single corner of City Street. I only saw on TV, but it is enough for me to felt intimidated. Since we moved here about 3.5 years ago, we never saw more than 4 policemen in one go. My mind always telling me there are problems if I saw more than a couple police on the street.

So, I change my mind. Better stay away from city. Enjoyed long holiday that seems forever since my son get bored easily if we stayed home on weekend.

And some people liked it, having long weekend, as they said “Happy APEC” cheerily. Not for business in down town that forced to shut their door on long weekend. There is no point to open if no customer around. Too much to pay. And tourist. They not happy too, especially who only had couple of day on Sydney, unaware of APEC meeting that paralyzed the city and slammed their chance to step into Opera House steps. Not even take photos from distance, since there are high fence blocking all access and view of it.

All the sacrificed that Sydneysiders made, to let their city blocked by high fence, only for one man who –they said, not me- most powerful man in the world. You know who he is, and as usual he let his tongue slipped, called this meeting OPEC instead of APEC. Poor thing. Must’ve been hard for him to said ‘A’.

And consider it lucky, they had the best dinner in Opera House –ever- with 3 Australia’s best Chefs, the best ingredients from around Australia, with the best wine from Australia’s famous winery. Not to mention the fireworks. What a life, being such a Head of State (I clearly thinking only the best part of their job. The worst part? No ideas….)

Ok. Have to stop. I am not going to talk about politics.
Anyway, Welcome Back, Sydney.

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